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    Cinema and On-Screen Advertising
    86% of 15-34 Year Olds Notice Cinema Foyer Advertising.
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    Cinema and On-Screen Advertising
    173 Million People Visited a UK Cinema Last Year.
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    Cinema and On-Screen Advertising
    The Average ‘dwell time’ for a Customer in a Cinema Foyer is 20 minutes.
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Cinema and Screen Advertising

Cinema advertising is now the most emotionally impactful communication medium on Earth.

Cinema-goers are there to be told stories – in fact, they’ve paid for the privilege. As such, they’re at their most receptive and most retentive – they receive your message and carry it with them long after the experience.

Digital Cinema advert from a recent campaign planned by Focus Media.


In a multi-screen, multi-platform world of content and chaos, you still can’t beat the big screen for sheer impact and scale.

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“Cinema advertising is 8x more effective at getting your message across than TV advertising.”