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    Shopping Centre and Mall Advertising
    This Advertising is a Great Way to Communicate to an Engaged Audience Giving You Great Exposure.
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Shopping Centre Advertising

Shopping centres and malls attract an aspirational and image conscious audience, Segmentation of frequent mall shoppers identifies distinct audience groups.

One of these groups are defined as mums and dads with their kids on a family day out. This group take advantage of what the mall has to offer in addition to shopping, often utilising the leisure facilities including the cinema or visiting an in-mall travel agent to book a holiday.

Shopping malls deliver a complete retail and leisure experience. With an average shopping experience of well over 1 hour, the shopping mall is a destination which people have taken time out to visit, they are in a relaxed state of mind which has shown they are 3x more likely on average to recall advertising they have come in contact with.

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“91% of all shoppers visit shopping malls in the UK.”